Item nr. 171215 HILMA AF KLINT: The Complete Catalogue Raisonne, Volumes I - VII. Hilma Klint.
Catalogue Raisonné

HILMA AF KLINT: The Complete Catalogue Raisonne, Volumes I - VII

Klint, Hilma. HILMA AF KLINT: The Complete Catalogue Raisonne, Volumes I - VII. 1,569 pages, nearly 1600 c/b&w. Folio, cloth. Stockholm, Bokforlaget Stolpe, 2022.

This catalogue raisonné contains the entire production of the abstract pioneer Hilma af Klint, the set consists of seven volumes containing a total of nearly 1,600 works.

Once virtually unknown, she is now included among the greatest modern painters and her works are considered groundbreaking. Almost 80 years after her death, she has redrawn the map of early abstract art, both in Sweden and internationally.

The first volume,
Spiritualistic Drawings 1895-1910, presents the 15 sketchbooks produced by the group of artists known as The Five, which included Af Klint. This period constitutes an important starting point for her abstract painting and for what would later lead to her most important series-The Paintings for the Temple.

The second volume,
The Paintings for the Temple 1906-1915, expresses Af Klint's mediumistic vision of spiritual reality, which she hoped would ultimately be installed in a round temple for true spiritual comprehension and enlightenment.

The third volume,
The Blue Books, begins with Af Klint receiving communication from an otherworldly figure during a séance. Specific themes, such as evolution and duality, are conveyed through vivid pastel color schemes and intricate geometric patterns arranged carefully on canvases that reach over ten feet in height.

The fourth volume,
Parsifal and the Atom 1916-1917, shows the two series Parsifal and The Atom. The Parsifal series is inspired by the Arthurian legend and is usually interpreted as an exploration of inner spheres and different planes of consciousness, while The Atom seems to be a study of the universe's spiritual structure

The fifth volume,
Geometric Series and Other Works 1917-1920, focuses on small paintings in which abstract imagery is explored using a ruler and compass.

The sixth volume, Late Watercolours 1922-1941, includes works from the period when Klint completely abandoned her geometric approach for watercolours inspired by the Anthroposophical movement.

Lastly, the seventh volume,
Portraits and Miscellaneous Works 1886-1940, shows yet another side of Af Klint's multifaceted artistry, presenting her as painter of landscapes, portraits and botanical specimens.

Item nr. 171215
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