Item nr. 168972 Historical Table for 'The Functional City" Rudolf STEIGER, Georg SCHMIDT, Wilhelm HESS.

Historical Table for 'The Functional City"

STEIGER, Rudolf, Georg SCHMIDT and Wilhelm HESS. Historical Table for 'The Functional City'. Large folded table, 1790 x 570 mm, mounted on original linen. Amsterdam, 1935.

A major document of the Congress Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne (CIAM). This is a reduced version of the legendary "Historical Table" designed by Rudolf Steiger, Wilhelm Hess and Georg Schmidt for the exhibition 'The Functional City' at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1935, curated by Mart Stam under the auspices of CIAM. Otto Neurath was asked to keep an eye on the development of the Historical Table, and to insert his isotypes. The original Table was 5 meters long and was on display for only one day before being taken down at the request of Gropius, who was concerned about possible negative fallout given the political situation at the time.

"The 'Functional City' Exhibition took place between the 1st and 23rd of June, 1935. The historical table was the center of attention, generating immediate controversy. It was hung against a central partition in the middle of the exhibition space. At the opening of the reception, it was seen by Gropius, Giedion, and J.J.P. Oud. They were quite taken aback, very concerned. Given the unfavorable political climate, many of the members were concerned about its political content. The chart was soon taken down.." Nader Vossoughain in Otto Neurath. The language of the global polis.

PROVENANCE: With the stamp of Mart Stam and his wife Olga on the verso, presumably one of a small numbervof copies made for those involved with the exhibition.

Item nr. 168972
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