Amsterdam-Batavia door de lucht: ook post van U?

ZWART, Piet. Amsterdam-Batavia door de lucht: ook post van U? [16] pages (on double leaves): illustrations. Oblong 8vo., 15 x 21 cm, bound in publisher's wrappers preserved in a new blue cloth box. ['s-Gravenhage]: Hoofdbestuur der Posterijen, Telegrafie en Telefonie, 1929.

"Zwart designed the booklet to promote air mail titled ook post voor U (also post for you) in 1929 (...). His exclusive use of lowercase letters precipitated a controversy, and while such was consistent with the new international style, people in general simply considered it to be a blatant desecration of the Dutch language (...). Zwart retorted by saying that he "could not have predicted that there would be such a close semblance between Roman capital letters and pure, undiluted Dutch blood"." (Purvis p.124f). "Ook post van u? (post from you too?) was a small book distributed by the PTT in 1929 to promote its recently introduced mail flights to the Dutch East Indies. Piet Zwart lavishly illustrated the book with montages of news photographs" (Broos '96, p.8)

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