Sat’amashoebis laboratoriis ek’sponatebis albomi. RUSSIAN TOY CATALOG.
Sat’amashoebis laboratoriis ek’sponatebis albomi.
Sat’amashoebis laboratoriis ek’sponatebis albomi.

Sat’amashoebis laboratoriis ek’sponatebis albomi.

RUSSIAN TOY CATALOGUE. Sat'amashoebis laboratoriis ek'sponatebis albomi. [Album of Toy Laboratory Exhibits] . 80 pp. Illustrated with photographs and coloured diagrams. 180 x 276 mm, bound in original cloth with lettering and decoration on the front cover. Tbilisi: Zaria Vostoka, 1941.

This album showcases toys and educational materials for kindergarten children produced by the Georgian scientific-research institute, and provides a unique insight into Soviet pedagogy. The work is particularly important as it promoted the toys which later became mainstream. The album is divided into four parts: "Educational Toys" (20 ill.), "Construction Toys" (6 ill.), "Folk Toys" (4 ill.) based on the famous Georgian folk tales, and "Outdoor Toys" (5 ill.). Each article is supplemented with the illustrations giving a valuable insight into the process of learning in Soviet Georgian kindergartens. The photos date back to the late 1930s. The album features 4 colored illustrations of the educational toys, "Triala", "Seqtorina", and "Tsibruti", as well as 11 black and white photographs depicting teachers using preschooler toys produced by the institute and kids playing games. As stated in the introduction, the edition was intended to provide kindergarten teachers with precise information on the use policy for toys, give assistance in defining pedagogical purposes of games, and represent achievements of the laboratory so that toy manufacturing companies could start the mass production. The album decoration is designed by the artist T. Kechkhoashvili. Some minor marginal stains, but overall in excellent condition.

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