Hana tsutsumi. Haruhisa ASHIDA.
Hana tsutsumi.

Hana tsutsumi.

ASHIDA, Haruhisa. Hana tsutsumi. [Wrapping flowers]. 27 leaves. Illustrated with woodcut frontispiece, 20 colour woodcuts, and 16 black-and-white woodcuts. 8vo., 255 x 185 mm, bound in publisher's wrappers in a new chitsu case. Kyoto: Nihon Kado Enshukai Soka Kyodobu: Kado Enshuryu Seifu Iemoto Kansai Jimusho, 1911.

A beautiful and unusual book on wrapping flowers (hana tsutsumi in Japanese). In his book Hana Tsutsumi, Mitsuko Kawata points to the Sendensho, a book on Ikebana published in 1445, as having information on how to wrap flowers. "When offering floral materials as a gift: Wrap the lower ends of branches in paper. Also wrap the lower ends of flower stems in paper. Tie the branches in several places and offer the bouquet with the flowers facing downward. You may at times fold the wrapping paper in the shape of a butterfly or flower, and you should offer the bouquet adorned with red mizuhiki (stiff paper string)".

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