MIRO and CALDER'S Constellations. Margit Rowell, Mildred Glimcher.

MIRO and CALDER'S Constellations

Rowell, Margit and Mildred Glimcher. MIRO and CALDER'S Constellations. 3 volumes: 400 pages. 4to, boards in slipcase. New York, Rizzoli, 2017.

A deluxe slipcased volume that reunites the works of Joan Miró and Alexander Calder's Constellations series. The sculptor Alexander Calder (1898-1976) and the painter Joan Miró (1893-1983) met in Paris in 1928 and became lifelong friends. This deluxe book places the mobile sculptures of Calder alongside the poetical paintings of Miró and provides fresh insights into the visual dialogue between these two artists. The slipcased box includes three books: one book on Miró's Constellations, one on Calder's Constellations, and one on their relationship with a shared chronology, correspondence, and photographs.
Acquavella Galleries reunites all twenty-three works of Miró's Constellations, a series that has special significance in the artist's oeuvre. The exhibition at Acquavella will run simultaneously and in collaboration with a presentation of Calder's series of Constellations sculptures at the Pace Gallery, which similarly explores themes of the cosmos and the forces of the universe.

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