Item nr. 164557 International DADA Exhibition 1916-1923. Marcel DUCHAMP.

International DADA Exhibition 1916-1923.

DUCHAMP, Marcel. International DADA Exhibition 1916-1923. Large Poster printed in black and orange, designed by Duchamp. Single sheet, 965 x 635 mm, (38" x 25"), folded. New York: Sidney Janis Gallery, 1953.

A fine copy of this extremely rare Duchamp poster, which was also the catalogue for the famous Dada exhibition at the Sidney Janis Gallery. In true Duchampian fashion, the catalogue was crumpled up as a wad of paper and "on exhibit" in a wastepaper basket in the gallery.

"A most difficult show since collectors were hesitant to risk invaluable loans, but Marcel`s frequent intercession smoothly resolved these problems; still it took a year of intensive work to assemble it, Marcel designed the setting, including a transparent ceiling -an inverted show case - covered with Dada manifestoes and posters. The gallery itself was subdivided by plexiglass walls creating an ambiguous atmosphere which, when the show was hung, resembled a huge Merz construction" (Sidney Janis, "A Recollection of the Dada Show, 1972," in: Marcel Duchamp, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1973, p. 202).

The poster, mailed as a wad of paper, resulting in most copies being thrown away, contains printed texts by Hans Arp, Richard Huelsenbeck, Jaques-Henry Levesque and Tristan Tzara. Plus a printed list of the Dada artworks in the exhibition. The exhibition itself was assembled, catalogued and installed under Duchamp's direction.

Schwarz, The Complete Work of Marcel Duchamp No. 543.

Item nr. 164557
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