Item nr. 162924 Write In Jerry Brown President. Doug AITKEN.
Write In Jerry Brown President.
Write In Jerry Brown President.

Write In Jerry Brown President.

, Doug. Write In Jerry Brown President. Two lengths of die-cut hexagonal cells, each length of seven cells extending over 1365 mm.; each cell measuring 220 x 220 mm. at the widest point; the box measuring 305 x 305 mm. The book was offset printed, die cut, and hand folded and bound at The Studley Press, fitted into a box handmade by Mark Tomlinson and covered with silkscreen-printed artwork by Aitken. New York: Library Council of the Museum of Modern Art, 2008.

Write-in Jerry Brown President is an artist's book conceived by the artist Doug Aitken. This almost unclassifiable book-object presents a meditation on the passage of time, and particularly on time in a life lived in politics. The book is a complex portrait of an eccentric private and public figure, Jerry Brown, former governor and current attorney general of the State of California. Fusing biographical commentary by the writer John Bowe, Brown's own words, vintage press pictures, and a series of abstracted photographs by Aitken, Write-in Jerry Brown President considers a "high priest and low politician" whose career has been marked by a rare idealism and a distinctive intellectual curiosity.

Unique in structure, the book was designed by Aitken as a sequence of hexagonal pages, which unfold in no set order to reveal a series of photographs alternating between past and present. These are accompanied by quotations from Brown's speeches, writings, and two recent interviews. One of 200 numbered copies signed by the artist from a total of 225 that include 25 artists copies. In perfect condition.

Item nr. 162924
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