AIMS Advanced Ink Mixing System

KORNERUP, Andreas. AIMS: Advanced Ink Mixing System. 16 pp. of text. Illustrated with 132 plates and cut-out overlays, isolating colours in the spectra. 4to., 298 x 210 mm, bound in publisher's cream-coloured plastic-covered printed boards. Copenhagen: The Danish Paint and Ink Research Laboratory, 1968.

Only Edition of this colour atlas. Kornerup describes the ingenious AIMS colour system in his forward, which was translated into eight languages. Colours are arranged in accordance with modern colorimetric principles so that "a colour appears only in one place in the system, and...the visual difference between adjacent shades is constant." The intensity is optimized by deriving all colours from an initial group of 8 pure inks, from which 24 inks are achieved by blending, for a total of 32 inks. Mixing the 32 with transparent inks, the system produces 128 colour series. The system is calculated and precise, making colour description accessible and universal for all users.

Kuehni and Schwartz, pp. 273-274.

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