The Works of John Chalkhill

The Works of John Chalkhill. Edited with an Introductory Essay, Commentary and Appendices by Charles Ryskamp and Scott D. Westrem. 220 pp. 8vo., 300 x 200 mm, bound in publisher's red half morocco. London: The Roxburghe Club, 1999.

The contents are as follows: Preface; John Chalkhill: The Man, the Poet, and His Work, The historical identity of John Chalkhill, Chalkhill's works, Works erroneously attributed to Chalkhill, Chalkhill's style, Explanation of editorial procedures and the presentation of texts, The commentary and its purposes; The Works of John Chalkhill: Coridons Song, Piscator's Song; A melancholy fitt; The sheepheards Elegie; The coy virgin; Two Riddles; Letter and Poem to Katherine Packer; Letter to Josias Clarke; 'Sonnet' to Josias Clarke; The Batchelers Apologie; Thealma and Clearchus (1683); Appendix A. Biographical and critical observations about John Chalkhill by Elizabeth Cooper and Joseph Hunter; Appendix B. A list of all variants in Chalkhill's Angler poems; Appendix C. A synopsis of Thealma and Clearchus; Appendix D. A list of names in Thealma and Clearchus; Appendix E. A census of copies of Thealma and Clearchus (1683).
Includes facsimiles and transcriptions of the originals held in the Morgan Library and Museum (MA 3342). Printed in a very small number for presentation to members of the Roxburghe Club.

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