PAUL KLEE: Sonderklasse. Unverkauflich. Wolfgang Kersten, Osamu Okuda, Marie Kakinuma, Bern. Zentrum Paul Klee.
Catalogue Raisonné

PAUL KLEE: Sonderklasse. Unverkauflich

Kersten, Wolfgang et al. PAUL KLEE: Sonderklasse. Unverkäuflich. 605 pages, including 42 color plates, followed by 297 entries, illustrated in color. Folio, boards. Cologne, Wienand, 2015.

Paul Klee divided his works into eight price categories. From 1925 he additionally referred to a group of works which he regarded as being not for sale, and which he described as "Sonderklasse". In doing so Klee pursued his own personal "strategy for achieving immortal fame." More than 300 of these works have now been studied by the world's leading specialists and are presented for the first time in a lavishly illustrated academic publication. Text in German.

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