DOUG AITKEN: A-Z Book (Fractals). Michael Speaks, Beatrix Ruf, ed., Zurich. Kunsthalle, Philadelphia. The Textile Workshop, Museum.
DOUG AITKEN: A-Z Book (Fractals)

DOUG AITKEN: A-Z Book (Fractals)

Speaks, Michael et al. DOUG AITKEN: A-Z Book (Fractals). Unpaginated, illustrated throughout in color and b&w. Folio, boards. Philadelphia, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Zurich, Kunsthalle, and Ostfildern-Ruit, Hatje Cantz, 2003.

In this experimental monograph the alphabet is the organizational structure that arranges Aitken's past photography and video work, along with new works and a variety of texts and interviews.

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