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KELLY, JERRY et al / New York. Grolier Club / Castleman, Riva

KELLY, JERRY et al. The Best of Both Worlds: Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes 1910-2010. 192 pages, 77 entries, all illustrated in color. 4to, cloth. New York, The Grolier Club in association with Boston, David Godine, 2011.
"The Best of Both Worlds: Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes, 1910-2010" is on view at the Grolier Club, New York, from May 18 through July 30, 2011. Combining well-known and unexpected titles, the limited editions in The Best of Both Worlds present graphics by distinguished artists, from Picasso, Braque, and Matisse to Dubuffet, Clemente, and Kentridge; notable writings, from Mallarmé and Poe to Frank O'Hara and Mark Strand; and publishing originality, from the Cranach Press, Skira, and Iliazd to the Friends of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Grenfell and Arion presses. Some of the books are the fruit of long-term collaborations between artists and authors who were brought together by a dedicated publisher-or who were already "seriously chummy," as Riva Castleman describes them in the catalogue. They include Joan Miró and Paul Eluard for Gerald Cramer, Robert Motherwell and Rafael Alberti for ULAE, Jasper Johns and Samuel Beckett for Petersburg Press, and Louise Bourgeois and Arthur Miller for Peter Blum Edition.
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The Best of Both Worlds: Finely Printed Livres d'Artistes 1910-2010