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LISSITZKY, El. URSS en Construction. L'Epopée du Tcheliouskine. 40 pp. Illustrated with a plethora of Russian photomontages throughout. Folio, 415 x 300 mm, bound in original faux-marble wrappers, preserved in a recent cloth box. Moscow: Editions d'Etat des Beaux-Arts, August 1934.

A fine copy of one of the most sought-after issues of this landmark periodical, this one devoted to the Tcheliouskine. As Martin Parr says, "from 1930-1940 URSS en Construction employed the best Soviet photo-journalists and graphic designers. Amongst the photographers were Max Alpert, Arkadi Shaikhet, Georgi Zeima, Boris Ignatovich, Semen Fridland and Georgi Shaikhet. Designers included El Lissitzky, Sophie Kueppers, Aleksandr Rodchenko and Varvara Stepanova, and Nikolai Troshin who designed this issue and over forty others. All the visual strategies of the propaganda photobooks, designed by Lissitzky, Rodchenko and others -- the elaborate photomontages, innovative photography, fold-out pages, transparent overlays and so on -- were developed in URSS en Construction, one of the most beautifully produced magazines of the twentieth century." It was published in Russian, French, English, and German. This is the French version. In fine condition.

Parr and Badger, The Photobook I, 148-149.
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URSS en Construction, L'Epopée du Tcheliouskine
URSS en Construction, L'Epopée du Tcheliouskine

URSS en Construction, L'Epopée du Tcheliouskine